Four Georges

New and exciting!

Finding that I didn’t like the way that some literature was formatted online, that I wanted one simple home for my resources, and that I wanted to share the sources of my references made here, I decided to start another blog where I can do all that. Introducing!:

Four Georges

The site is in it’s infancy at the mo but shortly there’ll be a world of Georgian info available.

I mention the poem Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth? It’s there! I quote directly from an online resource? It’s there. I say Natalie Regensberg writes an awesome essay, or Dr Frances Wilson writes an awesome lecture? It’s totally there! Want to read some Byron? Course you do! Just follow the Byron tag.

Obviously, I don’t do all of my research online but if possible I’ll include sites where you can read or, if that’s not possible, buy the books I’ve consulted.

I’ll be loading up all my references over this long weekend holiday, as well as drawings, paintings and photographs, and typing up poems, quotes and what nots to add there. If it’s a reference or a research tool, you’ll find it there. Enjoy!


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